Dungeon Roll

Published: June 30, 2014

Dungeon Roll is a game of dice rolling and risk taking. Each player will roll dice to find out what companions they will take with them into the dungeon to help them fight. As they move deeper into the dungeon, they will encounter more monsters that they have to fight, but also have a chance at gaining more experience points. They must take risks during the game to move deeper into the dungeon, but the if they do not succeed they will not gain any points, so risks must be taken wisely. The player who ends the game with the most experience points is declared the winner.


Video Times of Interest

0:00 - Game Set Up

-- -- -- 

Playin the Game

  • 1:16 - Phase 1: Forming the Pary
  • 1:42 - Phase 2: Forming the Dungeon
  • 2:23 - Phase 3: Monster Phase
  • 5:20 - Phase 4: Loot Phase
  • 8:09 - Phase 5: Dragon Phase
  • 9:00 - Phase 6: Regroup Phase

-- -- -- 
11:11 - Ending the Game

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